Frequently Asked Questions

In order to continue to innovate and provide our clients with a range of rubber surfacing
and related products, it made sense to preserve the rich history of Rubaroc as a stand-alone
product and allow Vulcan the ability to innovate new, complimentary systems.

Vulcanization is a process discovered by chemist and rubber-industry pioneer, Charles
Goodyear (yes, like the tire). In the late 1830s he innovated a way to apply heat and sulphur
to rubber to increase its ability to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, while still
maintaining strength and elasticity. This process is also applied to EPDM, which is integral to
our products. Goodyear named the process Vulcanization, after the Roman god of fire. The
name Vulcan Surfacing pays homage to the history of rubber and the innovation used by
Mr. Goodyear almost 200 years ago.

Yes! We still install, maintain and repair Rubaroc. We will continue to offer Rubaroc as a
product, along with a number of other new and exciting surfacing innovations in early 2021.

Yes! We would love to provide you a free quote for your non-slip decorative surfacing
project at your home or place of business.

Of course! With Vulcan Surfacing, you can expect the same level of high-quality products
and expert installation as you did with Rubaroc USA. Vulcan Surfacing draws upon over 30
years in the rubber surfacing industry to provide you the same level of products, services,
and, now, innovation as you have always expected from Rubaroc USA.

Rubaroc USA