Vulcan Surfacing is the leader in Decorative Non-Slip Surfacing. Vulcan Surfacing systems are an impact-absorbing, high tech polymer resin mixed with colorful rubber to create a beautiful, resilient, non-skid surface that is soft to walk on, up to 20° cooler than concrete, and virtually indestructible! We pride ourselves as being the market leader in Rubber Surfacing due to our network and longevity in installation experience.


Low Heat Transfer

Vulcan Surfacing is made of EPDM which is the same product used in 90% of all roofing membranes. Because EPDM is inherently a very poor conductor of heat, feet will feel less heat as compared to extreme heat conductors such as concrete or stone. Vulcan Surfacing will make your surface 15-20degrees cooler in the summer months, keeping your feet burn-free even in the hottest of temperatures! Additionally, Vulcan Surfacing expands and contracts up to 40% with the sub-surface to account for any shifting or cracking may occur during freeze/thaw cycles as well as during the natural settling process that occurs post-construction.

Long Lasting Product & Warranty

Vulcan Surfacing is built to last for decades. It’s soft yet strong mixture allows it stand the test of time with jobs lasting as long as 32 years. We have made continuous improvements to our products and installation techniques over the past 20 years, allowing us to warranty your job for up to a decade!

UV & Chemically Stable

Vulcan Surfacing has been tried and tested in some of the harshest UV saturated countries in the world for decades and still hold its color and composure. Many EPDM products have fillers in them that break down in high UV. Our rubbers and urethanes are made specifically to combat the harsh environments of high UV and chemical saturation. Some of our aquatic installations have maintained their integrity in waterparks since they were installed over 30 years ago.

Fixes Old Cracked, Broken, Or Uneven Surfaces

Vulcan Surfacing is suitable for many aesthetic purposes, yet, the most practical and functional is its ability to level uneven surfaces. Gaps, expansion joints, heaves broken, rough or un-level surfaces can be concealed under a perfectly flat Vulcan Surfacing surface. We can re-surface almost any solid surface, from concrete and asphalt to interlock or pavers. We can install usually in one to two days and leave a beautifully smooth, flat surface that is hazard free. Ripping out and repouring concrete is tedious, expensive, loud and messy. Vulcan Surfacing is fast, quiet, clean and maintenance free.

Noise Reducing

Impact absorption and resistance is a fantastic quality to have, but so is noise dampening! Vulcan Surfacing is made of synthetic rubber granules therefore dispersing and deadening the reverberation of sound in an area. In large commercial areas, a quieter workplace is most times a calmer workplace and improves guest experience.

Custom Designs & Logos

We separate ourselves from the rest because of our beautiful custom design work. From logos to accents to floor patterns, our design team will draw up a personalized flooring project specifically to cater to your personality or brand. With every Vulcan Surfacing job you will see our creativity and outside the box thinking to bring your vision to life.