What is Vulcan Surfacing?

Vulcan Surfacing is the leader in Decorative Non-Slip Rubber Surfacing. Vulcan Surfacing systems are an impact-absorbing, high tech polymer resin mixed with colorful rubber to create a beautiful, resilient, non-skid surface that is soft to walk on, up to 20° cooler than concrete, and virtually indestructible! We pride ourselves as being the market leader in Rubber Surfacing due to our network and longevity in installation experience. If there’s a surface, we can Vulcanize it!

We provide Non-Slip Rubber Surfaces that dramatically improve the appearance of your Residential Home’s Pool Deck, Patio, Porch, Driveway, Garage, Gym Room, Media Room, Counters, Showers, Sports Courts, And More! We help to decrease your liability for you, your family, pets, and guests, as well as help to increase your home’s resale value!

We are the leader in Commercial Rubber Surfacing providing services to Activity Centers, Amusements Parks, Animal Care Facilities, Apartments, Assisted Living Facilities, Community Club Houses, Condo Management Companies, Day Cares, Entertainment Facilities, Fitness Centers, Golf Courses, Home Builders, Homeowners Associations, Hotels, Movie Theaters, Natatoriums, Playgrounds, Senior Living Centers, Splash Pads, Sports Courts, Theme Parks, Water Parks, and More! We help to increase customer satisfaction, increase onboarding, and decrease liability by 50%! It’s no wonder we’re a Disney approved vendor!

We’ve satisfied our customer’s requests to provide personalized, specially crafted custom designs and logos! We’ve crafted company-branded designs and logos, vehicle branded designs and logos, state branded designs and logos, and more!